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The first glassworks in Målerås was founded, 125 years ago, in 1890. During the 1940-50’s, Målerås Glassworks became a pioneer in high end crystal stemware. In the year 1981, Swedish designer Mats Jonasson and local investors acquired Målerås Glassworks and since 1987 the Mats Jonasson family is the majority owner of the company. Mats’s unique skills in engraving, together with his love and interest in nature, resulted in the world famous Wildlife series, which became a Målerås classic.

Today, this company of glassmasters is considered as one of the most exciting art glassworks in Sweden, sought-after for their clarity and beauty.  The brand considers glass as a material, a craft, and an art form. It is in the interplay between these, that genuine masterpieces are born. Welcome to the world of Crystal!

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