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Oriental Living

Passionate about adorning living settings with unique furniture pieces, Oriental Living-an Asian boutique furniture house features exclusive award-winning artisanal works with an extensive range of handcrafted furniture and home decor objects. Primarily located in Thailand, Oriental Living sources its distinctive products from provinces like China, Mongolia, Tibet, and Great Mekong. With an extraordinary collection of pieces ranging from classic Horseshoe back chairs, Chinese buffets to Ming dynasty style cabinets and blanket chests with carved iron hardware, Oriental Living possesses a well established reputation for having a quality selection of beautiful Asian furniture, exotic art, and rare antiques from all over the country. Oriental Living emphasizes on seeing contemporary pieces as constantly evolving art inspired by traditional techniques as well as creative skills and sensibilities. With stress on line and form, the brand is characterised with having an oriental flavour with a modern take. Contemporary furniture by the brand finds innovative, fresh ways to unleash the beauty of natural materials, weaves, textures, and shapes, crafted in simple forms. Devoid of any excess ornamentation, each furniture piece is a fine example of function, durability and comfort. The creative freedom, intuitive flow, and technical ability of the most skilled artisans from the world have merged to create gorgeous furniture, discovered and chosen for its profound design, ingenious detail and impeccable finish.

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