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Sage Living

Crafted for the contemporary aesthete, Sage Living’s furniture and home décor marry otherworldly grace with cutting-edge contemporary design. We draw inspiration from cultures, materials, and techniques used around the world to create products that tell a story — your story. As diverse as your taste, our products transcend the barriers of time and geography. Some pieces transport you to Victorian England’s oaken barrooms while others take you to Florence mid-renaissance. Whichever it may be, the products we design tell stories that are truly timeless yet unapologetically modern.

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Featured Products

Yoruba Coffee Table



Kyoto Swivel Chair



Arc Bed


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Arc Side table


Options Available

Arc Coffee Table


Options Available

Forged Trans Console


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Merlot Dining Table



PHI Coffee Table



Forged Handle Coffee Table
Options Available

Forged Handle Side Table
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Forged Ice Slate Coffee Table
Options Available

Forged Ice Slate Side Table
Options Available

Bido Chandelier


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Eden Chandelier



Mezzo 12 Wall Mirror


Options Available

Russet Coffee Table



Zinc Coffee Table